Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hazel time

Whew - after the mega-posting month that was May, I guess I needed a little break! But I have finished off a few projects in the last couple of weeks, one of which is Colette Patterns Hazel.

I have to admit that after whipping up quite a few Colette Patterns last year (Sencha, Clover, Macaron, Iris), I have come to the conclusion that they are not really my style. The Clovers come the closest, but their fit is just not working, and I'm happier drafting my own trousers than wrestling with a pattern that needs so many adjustments! But I did have an unused pattern left in my arsenal from last summer, Hazel. And I love it!

It was tricky to photograph a white dress - but I hear white is very on-trend, no?

The bodice - I was really inspired by a striped version on flickr.
Although my stripes go the other way. I had quite the dilemma deciding which direction they should go.

Here you can really see the fabric pattern - and the overly perky darts!

Hmm - maybe I could have used a bit more ease back there...
Fabric: probably poly/cotton/other blend from King Textiles, white with a really great retro stripe and nice crisp hand.

Pattern adjustments: pinched out about 1/2" from the upper portion of the side back seams, and another generous half inch from the bust on the centre front & side front. Lengthened skirt 2". Lined bodice instead of using facings, and left out the pockets (I almost always have a bag with me). Tried to get the dart tips to behave, but no matter where I moved them, they looked worse. So they went back to the original pattern placement.

Although I don't time my sewing, this was a super quick make. The most time-consuming part was placing the straps - pin, try on, try and adjust, take off, repin, try on, and on, and on...

The bodice of this pattern is very short (great for me, but you average and longer torso-ed girls may want to lengthen it).

I feel very Anthro in this dress, especially with a belt. I've been consciously trying to take advantage of accessories lately, and I have not one, but two belts that work with this dress, belts that were just lingering in a drawer, waiting for the perfect dress.

Summer has finally begun - the season of the sundress! I'm looking forward to seeing some out there in blogland - what are people working on?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wrapping Up Me Made May '13

Well, here we are, Me Made May has come to a close. A big thank you to Zoe for coming up with this idea, and encouraging us all along the way! Here's how I did with the final two days...

Back in Time dress.
The weather was cooperating at last, and I've started wearing an apron at work, so dresses during the week, here I come!

Victory Patterns Chloe dress - new make!
I often think that I'll make up patterns again, and this time I did. 
I'll give this one a post of it's own later this week.

As for Me Made May 2013, well, I did miss a few days. Until halfway through the month, I didn't have any t-shirts in my arsenal, and had to resort to some RTW items for gardening etc., since most of the things I make are for more suited to wearing out in the world. But on the whole I'd say it was a successful challenge. I eliminated a couple of Me-Mades that were not up to snuff (amazing what taking a photo of yourself everyday will do!), and wore just about every piece I had, weather permitting. And I have a list of new makes to fill in some holes in my spring/summer wardrobe. 

And of course, one of the best things was finding new blogs to follow! It's pretty cool to think of us all doing something together, from all over the world, without even knowing each other. 

Tune in soon for some new makes!