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Sewn: Hearts Bra & Panties

Well hello there! I have a bit of a surprise for all of us today, some Valentine's themed underthings!

Until I started sewing my own lingerie, my selections were very practical - black, white & beige. Have I made any black, white, or beige bras for myself? Nope. But I am missing them in my life. So before I get stuck in to a batch of neutral bra sewing, I tested out some of my pattern alterations on with this adorable red heart mesh that I came across while out shopping a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't something I was looking for, but half a yard came home with me anyway - I know we've all been there!

First, let me give you a quick recap of how my bra sewing and fitting has progressed. After taking a class and buying all of Beverly Johnson's excellent Craftsy classes about three years ago, I did make a couple of Pin Up Girls Classic bras. I prefer a fair bit of coverage, so with minimal style adjustments, I was happy with the bras that I made. However, I noticed t…

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