Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Shorts Again!

Hello! Well, it's the middle of summer, and this week is shaping up to be a hot one! Good thing I finished a new pair of shorts last week, round three for me with the Grainline Maritime shorts pattern. My first pair fit well, but I knew I could do better with the pockets, so here they are.

I've had this fabric for well over ten years, making it easily the oldest fabric in my stash, so even with a pattern that we all know and love, I thought it fitting that they have their own post! I only bought one metre, and it was just enough for these shorts. There wasn't enough to worry about pattern matching, but I did try and a least keep the motif somewhat balanced. I had been wearing these shorts all weekend, so they are a bit wrinkled, but it's not as obvious in person, I hope.

I kept the additional 1" that I had added to the rise, but remembered to move the pockets up so that they were the same depth as originally drafted, instead of weirdly long from the waistband to the pocket opening. I laid the fronts onto my tailoring ham to mimic the hip curve before basting the heck out of them to avoid the pulling and puckering that plagued my original pair. I've added to the length again, since my first pair have a tendency to ride up at the inner thigh (not really a good look).

And the back pockets - I swapped them out for single welt pockets. Partially because I wanted a slightly dressier feel to these shorts, but also because I had no fabric left to cut my fly shield and facing! I had to sacrifice one patch pocket for those pieces, and scrounge a few scraps for the welts and facings. Right after I finished them, this post from Katy & Laney appeared in my feed, so if you'd like to give welts a try, check it out! I like to extend my pocket bags into the waistband, a la men's trousers, here's a shot of the insides.

Rare inside shot!
A simple project, for sure, but a satisfying one. And a good use for this much prized piece of cloth, I think.

Back out to the sunshine!