Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Consolation Prize Blouse

I picked up Colette Pattern's Sencha when Macaron was unavailable at my local store. It wasn't what I came in for, but I did not want to leave empty handed! 

Since I wasn't at all sure this pattern would suit me, I chose an inexpensive but nice coloured polyester to test the pattern - a wearable mock-up, if it turned out. The fabric was a pain to cut, very slippery, and it was just as grr-inducing to finish the seams, but the final product is pretty pleasing. To accomodate my short-waistedness, I shortened the pattern 3/4" above the waist, and added 2" to the hem. As you can see, I'm wearing the blouse untucked, and any length lacking above the waist, I more than make up for in rise. I just continued the tucks to the hem without really worrying about them. And due to the crazy-making fabric, I finished the sleeve hems on the machine. No hand sewing on this baby! I also lowered the neckline all around by 1". I like to show my collar bones.

The toughest thing about this blouse was choosing buttons - I originally thought I would use something more flashy, but was paralysed by indecision, so went with self covered buttons in the end. I'm quite happy with them. Looking at how loose the back is in the photos, I will consider making the next one a bit smaller.

Next one, you say? Well, I thought that since there are 3 views to the pattern, and I have a shortage of blouses, I might make up another one or even two, and use the Sencha as my One Week, One Pattern  candidate. I was really excited when I heard about this challenge, but the last week in March is going to be very busy at work, and I just don't think I'll be able to crank out another 2 blouses by then. So I'll be postponing my "One Week" until the end of April.

Hope I can break out of the button rut for the next round!

Monday, 5 March 2012

February Sewing Happenings

Well, despite my blog silence, February continued to be quite fruitful. I finished off not one but two patterns, my first and second makes from Colette. The first is a yet to be given gift, so the less said on that for now the better. The second was a Sencha blouse, post to follow later in the week. I've also done some shopping... for someone without much of a stash, I'm sure well on the way. It's actually pretty impressive how much fabric I don't think I have. One bin of quilting cottons, from a few years ago when I made one solitary quilt (I do like the quilt, I don't know about quilting though!). One bin of batting and a few made things from school too precious to get rid of, and one bin of "active" fabrics.

This lovely green stretch twill is soon to become a pair of self-drafted skinny jeans. Hopefully by the end of March...

And this one, I have had my eye on for a looong time, probably about 2 years. I'm not entirely sure what it will be, but it could no longer be left behind! It's a poly cotton, I think the stripes are poly and the base is a blend. No matter. It will be used.

And number three, this summer weight stretch stripe. A bit of a spur of the moment purchase, but I've really been enjoying stripes recently. I have a dress in mind, but it could morph into something else. We'll see!