February Sewing Happenings

Well, despite my blog silence, February continued to be quite fruitful. I finished off not one but two patterns, my first and second makes from Colette. The first is a yet to be given gift, so the less said on that for now the better. The second was a Sencha blouse, post to follow later in the week. I've also done some shopping... for someone without much of a stash, I'm sure well on the way. It's actually pretty impressive how much fabric I don't think I have. One bin of quilting cottons, from a few years ago when I made one solitary quilt (I do like the quilt, I don't know about quilting though!). One bin of batting and a few made things from school too precious to get rid of, and one bin of "active" fabrics.

This lovely green stretch twill is soon to become a pair of self-drafted skinny jeans. Hopefully by the end of March...

And this one, I have had my eye on for a looong time, probably about 2 years. I'm not entirely sure what it will be, but it could no longer be left behind! It's a poly cotton, I think the stripes are poly and the base is a blend. No matter. It will be used.

And number three, this summer weight stretch stripe. A bit of a spur of the moment purchase, but I've really been enjoying stripes recently. I have a dress in mind, but it could morph into something else. We'll see!


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