Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hoot Hoot!

I have something new to share today...

my first sweater!!!

I think that deserves three exclamation points. Yes folks, here you have it, a finished sweater. I took up knitting last November, and during class, I came across a photo of this beauty, Owls by Kate Davies. Seeing it inspired me to learn to cable (easy peasy, thanks to Glenna C. and Ewe Knit), and make my first sweater!

I started this project at the end of March, and ended up taking May and June off from knitting, only to finish off a fairly heavy sweater in July. I couldn't bear to put it on, even for photos! But now, fall is well and truly upon us, so sweater snaps were taken.

Here's my ravelry link, in case you are into knitting. One thing I will say about this sweater, I wish I had made it a size up. Basically, wearing it will be very good for my posture, but it's a bit snug! And a bit tight under the arms. I'm sure as I gain more experience, I'll be able to head these things off before they are un-doable, but I have a wearable sweater, so I'm happy!

More photos? I thought you'd never ask...

I used a yarn called Berroco Peruvia Quick, and I really liked working with it, and it's certainly warm, and not terribly itchy, though it is 100% wool. The colour is called Plateau, it's a medium brown with a light blue/grey heather quality. I wanted something that looked natural and "owly", and I'm happy with my choice.

How about a close up of those adorable owls?

The buttons are a wood-look plastic. I chose plastic buttons for two reasons - they are smooth, and cost effective. All those eyes - 36 in total!

 I'm enjoying knitting, it's nice to do something that is all new, it's a kind of adventure! And of course, there are so many lovely yarns out there, it would be a shame not to be able to use them!

Monday, 2 September 2013

White Jeans on Labour Day!

 I've squeaked in just under the wire, with my white jeans finally completed for Labour Day! Believe me, they've been a long time coming.

I was zipping along, and ready to attach the waistband, when I tried these babies on, and had the oh no moment. The rise was far too high, and I like a high rise! But these just looked weird, especially with the more relaxed leg I was trying out. So, out came the nicely installed fly, off came the back yokes (already serged and topsitched, oh yes), and then came the procrastination. I'm a one project at a time kind of sewer, pretty much, so they just sat there waiting for a couple of weeks, abandoned at the machine, holding other potential sewing hostage.

But they are done now, here are the photos to prove it:
I'm only tucking my shirt in for blogging purposes.
Probably more like this in real life.

Yes, there they are. And not too many leg wrinkles! 
The back - looks pretty normal.
 I used my self-drafted pattern, and made a few improvements along the way. Time consuming improvements, but worth it in the end, I think.

Rise - lowered to a mid-rise.
Fly - used the Grainline Maritime shorts method, since it was fresh in my mind. Worked out fine, both times!
Topstitching - I chose a very light grey topstitching thread from the Guterman brand. They have quite a few colours to choose from. I could have gotten away with one spool, but for the unpicking.
Leg - not my usual skinny. I took off about 1" from the back inseam and outseam from the original block. They are comfortable, but I prefer the skinny jean, so any future pairs will probably be narrower again.
Pockets - it is very tricky to position back pockets on ones' self. But I think they are pretty good, if a bit closer to the yokes than I had planned. And the front pocket bags continue to the the centre front and are enclosed by the fly shield and facing. I love this method, and will definitely handle front pockets this way in future.

Metal zipper and button.

Fun pocket stitching!
So, all in all a success in the end. Will I wear these? Possibly not too often, but I wanted something to wear with blue and navy tops, to avoid the all blue effect.

This wraps up my summer of sewing, but I have some great projects lined up for fall that I'm really excited about. Now it's just a question of finding the time...

Until next time!