Sewn: La Maison Victor Crystal

Well! That took a while! I was determined to get back into blogging this summer, and had a whole load of pictures taken way back in June. Then I didn't like any of the pictures and couldn't be bothered to take new ones. Of course, they were not all terrible, and here we are!

Quite a while ago (maybe spring 2017?) I noticed loads of this really cute pattern turning up on Instagram. When I found that the pattern was in La Maison Victor, I even contemplated having a copy shipped from Europe, but came to my senses when I realized how much it would cost. But, as luck would have it, I received a copy of the English magazine this spring, and it included the much dreamed of pattern.

Hmm. Possible maternity vibe - not quite what I'm going for.

I was really drawn to the separate front yoke, and clever side flounces. Unfortunately, I don't love this blouse. I finally wore it to work last week, and it's just not doing it for me. The pattern comes together really nicely, and the rayon fabric I chose was the perfect weight. I think I may have liked it more in a floral, and I also think I would have loved it 5 years ago. Tastes do change over time, after all! 

I don't have too much more to say - while it's not a winner for my wardrobe, the pattern really is quite nice, with a largely clean finish inside. I would avoid printed checks in future, as they are not on grain, and made for an adventure in cutting, particularly with all these intersecting seams. As for alterations, this is a straight size... 44, I think. There is some gentle waist shaping, but I didn't shorten above the waist, as I normally do. Possibly it's a bit long, and at 5'7" I am not petite, but I think that depends on how you choose to wear the finished garment. Certainly better too long than too short.

Obligatory back view.

Full length for scale.
I might keep this one around until next spring/summer to see if it grabs me then, stranger things have happened.

Wishing you satisfying sews!


  1. Your blouse is very nice! I hope you get a chance to remake it in a fabric you love! Looking forward to your 2019 handmades! :)


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