Welcome Minoru!

My first post! Let's see how I do...

The first thing on my sewing list this year was the Minoru jacket from Sewaholic. It was very exciting to receive a pattern in the mail - and to find that there would be a Sew Along! What better way to start the new year. I'd never even heard of sew alongs until last December, and I was curious to try it out.

Things started swimmingly - I picked up some inexpensive olive green twill, and a bright purple lining (actually, it took another week or so to pick the lining, but it's a great colour). I managed to keep up with the first two weeks of team sewing, and couldn't help myself from going full speed ahead and finishing up on the long weekend. I added pockets, and lined the hood, but overall I'm really pleased with how things have turned out. I'd like to try this pattern again in a water resistant fabric, so the hood is more than just a fashion detail! And I would definitely add a couple of inches to the hem. I like my bum to stay fully covered in the rain. I did shave off quite a bit in the hips (2 sizes), and next time, I'll raise the elastic casing by shortening the jacket above the waist. I'm fairly short waisted, and this pattern is long in the body.

I love the collar.

Sassy lining!
 It was pretty mild today, this jacket leaves me looking forward to spring, and regular Minoru wearing.


  1. I love the colour combo on your Minoru jacket. I have the fabric but haven't even started cutting the pattern out. Yours looks great!

  2. Hey! Congratulations on your new blog -- and your lovely Minoru jacket! I have a question for you regarding size. I'm trying to decide which size to cut, and I was wondering if you had followed the recommended size according to your measurements. Thank you!

    1. Hi Adrienne - thanks! And as for size - I used the recommended size for my bust & waist, which is roomy enough for a medium-heavy sweater (which is what I wanted), and sized down 2 sizes for the hip, since I am pretty slim in the hip/thigh. If I were to make another, I'd consider going down a size. Also, the pattern is long in the body, so I did shorten it about 1 1/4" to get the elastic up at my waist! Come to think of it, I also shortened the sleeves. Things to remember when posting in the future!
      Hope that helps.

  3. This is fantastic. I love your fabric choices.

  4. Love the utilitarian look of your Minoru - and what a great way to christen a new blog!


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