Simpler Sweater

Hello again internets! Here's a quick little project I finished up last week. It's a sweater, but of an entirely different kind than my last post.

Yes, it's a simple raglan sweater, made up of some really great knit I picked up at this year's Textile Museum sale. And I consider it a stash bust, since a trip to the sale is basically a stash build up exercise. You just have to get in there and pick things quickly, hoping that inspiration strikes later - this is pretty much the opposite of my usual fabric aquisition method. But, I digress.  Here's another photo.

I used a pattern from a friend's stash, Simplicity 8618, printed in 1978. I loved the raglan sleeves, but not the V-neck, so I swapped it out for a simple round neck instead. I added a contrasting band to the sleeve cuffs using the wrong side of the fabric, and left off the bottom band, since I didn't want to go full on sweatshirt with this project. It's almost entirely serger-sewn, with the exception of the hem. I used the trusty twin needle - I find the coverstitch on my serger more trouble than it's worth most of the time.

The pattern was printed with a whole sheet of sewing with knit tips - very cute.

The back is pretty much just like the front - told you it was simple!

Cuff close up. And a shot of my totally unintentional stripe matching at the raglan seam.

This fabric is so warm and cozy, perfect now that we are fully into fall. But it sheds like crazy - I looked like I'd been rolling around with a few cats by the time it was finished! I just hope the shedding slows down over time.

I've made myself a little list of fall/winter sewing plans, but I'm not sure I'll post it - this way only I will know how productive (or not!) I've been! And every post will be a surprise.

Til next time...


  1. I have heard about the famous Textile sale. Keep posting! I love seeing your makes.

    1. Thanks Janet - the sale has been good to me, that's for sure! And if I can just get more photos taken, there will be more posts - a common problem, I know. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. That is a great top for the upcoming chilly days. I like how it's not super fitted. It looks very cozy. That's gonna be a great wardrobe staple.


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