The Multi-blouse

Here's a fun little number I finished a couple of weeks ago, combining lots of my favourite things.

Collarless - check. Rolled sleeves and tabs- check. Different fabrics front and back - check and check!
This photo will not stay centred!

This is Butterick 5826, with a heavy influence of this blouse from Anthro. Ignore the terrible cover images, and you have a pretty useful pattern. Basically, it's view A with the yoke line on the back taken from View B, without using the whole yoke over the shoulder. The front is a poly print that could basically serve as my current colour palette, the back and sleeves are an off white t-shirt knit, the neck bands are microfibre, and the tabs and yoke are a poly/cotton shirting. Phew!

Now that I've worn this top a couple of times, I would try and use a balance the weights of the fabric a bit more if I do this again - which could happen, I love the look. But it does shift around a bit. And a note about this pattern - the sleeves are pretty shapeless tubes, and I may taper them to be more fitted.

Sleeve tabs - I probably spent just as long searching for the perfect D rings as sewing it up! I settled for  alright D rings in the end. I wanted them to be just an eighth of an inch smaller, and more brassy.

A better idea of the true colours.
The only other thing I would watch out for in this pattern is the uninspired finish to the neck bands at the centre front. I'd rather have a nice triangle point on the outside, but I followed the instructions and tucked everything to the inside. Then I needed to cover the exposed seam allowance, which was easy enough with a little scrap of the same fabric as a binding. But I would put more effort into the placket if I do this again.

So there you have it, another happily finished make!


  1. This is a really great blouse! I lookedd at the cover of the pattern and have to say you had a terrofic vision for it as your version is barely recognizable as their rather dowdy version. I love the front panel fabric and sleeve tabs as well.

    1. Thank goodness for line drawings, hey? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cute! I really like how you mixed all the materials.

    1. Thanks ESC - I am a fan of the mixing. And the t-shirt back makes this very wearable.


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