Spring at Last

Well, I'd love to say I've been trapped under a pile of fabric and sewing projects, but sadly I haven't had much time for sewing recently. But with the final arrival of spring, I feel a burst of sewing energy coming on!

I do have some plans for my spring/summer sewing, you're in for a lot of blue from the looks of things…

In coordination with Me Made May, I'll be focussing on sewing separates to round out my me made summer wardrobe. Last year, I did manage to wear something me made most days, but didn't always feel that what I had sewn was what I wanted to wear. If MMM is the only reason I'm pulling something out of the closet, it needs to go!

Here's my mini-palette for my next projects (thanks to Gillian for the tutorial!) Witness, my first screen shot.

Without further ado, my pledge:

I, Chloe, of Button and Needle, pledge to wear one or more me made items five days out of seven for the duration of May 2014. Yes, I'm letting myself off the hook for the weekends.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be wearing next month!


  1. Oooh, those are GREAT colours! They've got that magic where any three together instantly looks like a really stylish put-together outfit. Well done!

  2. Thanks lady! They kind if found each other, without too much effort - hope that translates to easy summer dressing!


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