Rigel o Rama

This is my second foray into Papercut Patterns. I actually purchased this pattern with last year's Christmas money, but didn't get around to making it up until last month. And now, with Rigel Bomber Jacket January, I'm right on time.

I had a chunk of grey quilted fabric left over from my last dress, but not enough to make a whole garment. So off to the fabric store I went, and returned with some black quilted fabric, that is unfortunately a slightly lighter weight. I was really hoping for something more similar to the grey, in both weight and style, but I was impatient. Naturally, I found some remnants of other amazing quilted knits a few weeks later, but what's done is done. I really thought this fabric would be a good match for the style of garment, but now I am not so sure. See, Gillian, we are in a similar predicament!

I cut a size Small, as that's the closest to my measurements, but there is something about this jacket that feels big. It seems like the shoulders and upper chest are large, but the body is ok.  Also, the neck seems kind of large and low. I did raise the front opening 1", because it seemed to hit me in a weird spot, but that didn't seem to work. I'm also not in love with the low quality ribbing, which is not a true black, and is too floppy.

The instructions were nice and clear, the only thing I did not do was interface my welts or pocket opening. The wrong side of this fabric is nice and sturdy, and the risk of fraying pretty much nil. I did enjoy making the welts, and aside from them, I whipped up this whole garment on my serger, which is always fun.

Friends, this project is a fail for me. I like boxy, but I feel like a lump when I put this on, which so far has only been for these photos. So many people have made really great Rigel jackets, but I am just not one of them. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the raglan sleeves have a lot to do with it. Particularly with this colour blocking, I don't think they are doing me any favours.

Sad. And out of focus to boot.

A bit of a bummer to start the year off with, but I'm just going to post this, and move on!

Here's to happier sewing ahead!


  1. I so wish I could disagree and say I loved this on you... it's perfectly fine, but that's not up to your usual standards! The black roses looks exactly the same as my purple shirt - curse that fabric for making us trust it! Where did you get yours?
    This seems like the kind of garment you need to bring along next time you hang out with a bunch of girllfriends, and pass around until it look fab on someone! Then at least it won't just hang unloved in your closet, right?

    1. Yes! That is an excellent idea. It may not work for me, but with the popularity of bomber jackets these days, someone else may fall in love. Yup, the black roses are from Fabricland. And I may have even paid full price….

  2. Oh man. I think the jacket looks really groovy on you. It looks fun to wear and cute. But if you don't love it, giving it to a friend isn't a bad idea.

    Man. I think it's super cute.

  3. Well, thanks Mela - I'm sure it will find a good home somewhere. I just can't for the life of me make it work! Moving on!

  4. I'm so surprised to read that you're not feeling this! I think it is so cute and really like it on you! But, if you don't like it, you don't like it! Maybe this will be a practice run for another in a fabric that you like better? You don't look like a lump at all! You look sporty and fun!

  5. Thanks Sonja, sporty & fun was the goal, and I've seen loads of other excellent Rigels thanks to you - who knows if I will attempt this one again. There are so many things to make!


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