Sewn: Kwik Sew 3897

I have joined the overall revolution! At first I wasn't entirely sold on them, but after a few outings, I kind of love them.

These are Kwik Sew 3897, and they are a pretty classic overall, easy to put together. This was my first Kwik Sew pattern, and I really liked it. No excess notches or markings, just a nicely drafted pattern.

This dark denim was from the remnant section of Fabricland, and of course it was in two pieces. This made it necessary to get creative with my cutting, and I made a few changes to the pattern. Some were for style, and some to deal with the fabric shortage.

First off, I decided to square off the pockets, for a more streamlined look. I also shortened the back between the waist and the straps by 2", and added a seam on the back leg at the knee - these were both due to the fabric situation, but I'm glad I shortened the back. It sits fairly high between the shoulder blades even with my alteration. I left the front alone, though. I also scooped the back seam in above the waist once I had them almost together. Oh, and I also narrowed the straps and used child size overall clips. Sadly, they did not come with the sliders to hold the tails of the straps in place, so they are currently had sewn down. 

Here's a nice close up of my "design feature" fabric save - I quite like it, actually. Looks on purpose to me!

There was a boat load of top stitching in this project, and I used Guetermann's jeans thread in colour 339 (on a grey spool, on the "jeans" display in the store). I love this thread! It is nice and subtle, not quite as thick as some of the other jeans topstitching threads that I have - the gold & bronze ones. It's a big spool, and got me through two projects, but I snapped up another spool just to have (believe me, this is unusual behaviour, I love nothing better than to finish things up and not replace them!) I think this thread belongs in my neutral arsenal for good. My machine was perfectly happy with the topstitching, but balked at buttonholes, so I had them done professionally. Best four dollars I ever spent.

Now I just need to add a few more overall-friendly tops to my wardrobe, and summer is all set!


  1. I love these! There's something about overalls that is both stylish and cool-casual-I-don't-care. I enjoyed seeing these in MMM!

    1. Thanks Gillian - they do need to be embraced. I feel that they are slightly unsuitable for work some days, but should get a lot of wear over the summer!

  2. Big fan over here! Your fit changes look spot-on. And $4 buttonholes - yes, please! Where do you get those done?

    1. Thanks! I thought the overalls would be a hit with you :) And I'm fortunate to know someone with an industrial button hole machine through work. It's a real treat! The machines themselves are quite expensive, but so very cool.


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