Me Made May Mission Accomplished?

My first Me Made challenge is in the bag! And I think by and large I did stick with my 4 day a week commitment. Let's review the last 10 days or so...

Week 4 was a bit of a blur, but I know I wore these documented outfits:

Pink Sencha blouse
New Look 6224 - exciting serger post to follow soon!
New Look 6615 - cheat photo from Week 2, but I did wear it again, promise!

Self drafted swiss dot blouse
Then week five happened, and I seem to have blocked it out of my mind! The photo taking had lost it's charm, and I didn't have anything new to show off! I did wear some Me Made pj's, and my Minoru jacket, which was the undocumented star of the month. I have probably worn that jacket more than any other Me-Made ever.

So, aside from the photo amnesia, I'm fairly pleased with how this turned out. I started the month with eight garments (not including pajamas), and wore six of them. I left two skirts behind, one because I never got around to altering it, and the other because I just don't like it! I made, and wore, 3 new dresses, and learned more that I thought I would.

I really like to wear jeans & blouses (not really a shocker, but good to document).
I like to wear dresses. And below the knee is kind of great.
Skirts are a struggle. One would think that replacing jeans with a skirt wouldn't be too much trouble, but I just couldn't make it happen!
Colour is my friend.

And I love seeing what everyone else wears each day! Fantastic and inspiring stuff.

Thanks to Zoe for a great challenge!


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