Anouk Makes an Appearance

Well, here we are, fall has truly arrived. And with fall, comes fall sewing! After a summer of sewing whatever took my fancy, I've made a bit more of a plan for the next few months. So, without further ado, here we go.

Anouk from Victory Patterns! I bought the pattern a few months ago, and picked up the fabric on a whim on a brief trip to New York. This is the most expensive garment I have made in some time, and I had high hopes, let me tell you.

I had a tricky time deciding on the contrasting fabrics for the yoke and centre front detail, but I settled on the safe navy for the yoke, and a daring chartreuse for the front. The body is a printed silk chiffon.

And then I lost my marbles and made a size too small.

Here's a nice shot of the back - you can see the pulling near the armholes, and how the sleeve is really snug against my skin. I'm glad I used a double layer of chiffon for the body, it saves me from having to wear a camisole underneath - there is just no room!

But I managed to salvage the blouse by releasing the tucks at the bust and in the back (a shame, I had done a really nice job!) and cheating the button placement at the yoke outwards. There is still a bit of pulling just above the bust, but  it is wearable! I don't think I have ever done this to myself before. I did cut a cotton muslin of the yoke, but just didn't clue in that silk does not give until the whole darn thing was cut out. And I used all 3 yards of my 45" chiffon, or I would have re-cut either the front, or the sleeves, or possibly both! Aside from my sizing mishap, the only other thing I would have done differently would be to interface the centre front. I could do without that bubbling.

I bound the inside of the armhole with self bias to hide the seam allowance and keep the sleeve cap clean and tidy from the outside. The seams in the body and sleeves are french seams, and I finished the two layers separately. 

Here's a shot of the inside:
Indoor shot after dark. Trust me, I did not use such vibrant thread!

This pattern did go together very well, I have to give it up to Kristiann, the sleeves went in like a dream, they have the perfect amount of ease for the armhole. I'd give my stamp of approval for that alone! The instructions are clear, and the style is a winner. In all, I am fairly happy with this blouse. The snug fit just means I'll need to be careful about what I'm doing in it - bowling is out, but dinner and a movie is in.

Til next time!


  1. Stunning! You fabric choices really highlight the details in this pattern. Amazing!

  2. Thanks Mela! I'm glad I waited till I found the perfect match.

  3. Really nice. I'll have to get a copy of the pattern!


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