Paisley Power

Fall project number 2! The "chic soft blouse", aka McCall's 6512. Yes, that phrase is straight from the pattern instructions.

After Anouk, I wanted to take the pressure off. This blouse took some time to cut, but was a breeze to sew (I triple checked my measurements, and tissue fit the pattern, for maximum fun, minimum headaches) And this fabric was a steal at the 3-for-1 sale at Fabricland. Win-win-win.

And the fabulousness was on! The loose fit of the blouse and surprisingly nice drape of this polyester fabric are a match. And speaking of match...

I went all out and mirrored the fronts and sleeves, and centred the pattern on the back. The pattern uses one piece for the back yoke and sleeve, so had to add a seam centre back to accommodate the one way design of the fabric. 

The back shirt tail is longer than the front, something I haven't been drawn to in the past, but I think it works well in this case. It really adds to the relaxed style, and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result. 

The sleeves are a computer friendly wrist length, just a bit shorter than a full long sleeve. The fabric is a bit busy to show off the neat yoke/sleeve construction, which drew me to the pattern, but it's there. Originally I thought I'd be making the short sleeve version, but once I found this fabric, the long sleeve was the way to go.

Instead of my usual shortening above the waist, I added about 1/2" total to either side seam below the waist. And after a fruitless hunt for buttons, I decided to use snaps down the centre front, and buttons just at the cuff. When I had the front placket attached and was playing around with button placement, I thought "ooh, a hidden button placket would be great!" But I really didn't feel like unpicking, so snaps it was! Something to keep in mind if I make this one up again.

This one reminds me of a yearbook photo, the casual yet super posed look. Where are my prop school books?

I'm feeling pretty good about my fall sewing - how are your plans progressing?


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