Spring Wardrobe Building - Butterick 5826

Hello again, everyone!

As part of Me Made May this year, I've decided to make a garment a week for four weeks to fill out my spring/summer wardrobe. Four separates, for maximum wearability. I have my patterns and fabric chosen, and when combined with my existing wardrobe, I think they will do quite well.

First up, Butterick 5826. Let's check out the pattern envelope once again…

Back in the fall, I made up view A, which I have worn quite a bit. There are a few things I would most definitely change if I were to do something similar again, but it's proven to be a popular choice, with regular outings every couple of weeks.

For the spring, I switched it up to view C, which is very similar to this blouse, and also this pattern.

I cut a straight size 12, based on my previous experience. With all the gathering, it feels a bit on the loose side, and the shoulders are a little wider than I would have liked, so something to bear in mind - not all views of the same pattern will fit the same! In fairness, the only shared pattern piece between the two is the sleeve, it really is a two for one pattern.

For the fabric, I went with an off white poly georgette. Yes, the dread polyester. But this way, I can wear this top to work without fear. The last time I wore a silk blouse to work, I had a run-in with a vicious piece of velcro. And as for the construction, I made a couple of small changes. I used the "burrito" method to attach the back yoke, and did not topstitch the back neck. I understiched instead, which gives a more professional look, if I do say so myself.

The pattern instructions have you hem the blouse with a narrow 1/4" hem after the centre front seam is sewn. I chose to go with a wider 1" hem, and did not catch the bottom of the centre front bands when I stitched it up.

It's tough to see, but my stitches go right under the front bands.

I'm really happy with the gathers, both front and back. Proof that taking your time is often the best policy!

So there we have it, spring wardrobe element number one, worn (with a cardigan, it was still a bit chilly) on Me Made May 5.


  1. Very pretty, and versatile Spring top!

    1. Thanks Sara - I think it will see a lot of wear - maybe with some Burda trousers??

  2. What a nice pattern choice. It is now on my list. This looks like a very wearable top. Beautifully made!

  3. Hi Janet - it is a good little pattern, just beware of the shapeless sleeves in the longer view. Thanks for stoppy by!

  4. Love this! Definitely adding it to my queue!


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