Spring Wardrobe Building - Vogue 1247

Well, we're almost halfway through Me Made May, and I have to be honest, I'm enjoying seeing everyone's daily outfit pics so much, I may have to join in the documenting after all. So far, though, you haven't missed much, it's been a steady diet of jeans and white tops for days now.

On to the fun stuff! My second garment for the month (I'm making a new piece for my wardrobe each week this May), a skirt!

It is indeed Vogue 1247, a very popular pattern. I made the top last year, and have only worn it once. To be fair, it is a muslin/beach cover up, and I don't get to the beach very often. I received this fabric from a friend, and had no idea what to do with it, though I liked it a lot. It's a light weight twill with a hint of stretch, and a really fun floral print. After a few sessions draping the fabric awkwardly over myself in front of the mirror, I decided on a skirt, and this pattern was handy.

For some reason, when I bought this pattern, I picked up the smaller size range. Oh, how I wish I had gone with the larger range! I ended up adding about two sizes to the skirt, but it is a simple pattern, so it wasn't too terrible. 

This was my wildcard garment for the month. If you've been keeping track, you may have noticed that I'm not much of a skirt wearer. I certainly used to be, back in high school and in my early 20's, but I find them tricky to wear and don't often feel my best in skirts. I'm really short waisted like to wear my tops untucked, which can sometimes look messy. This Renfrew is the best option in my wardrobe - hmm, maybe I need to revisit the top from this pattern?

I don't have much to say about the construction. I drafted a curved waistband, that no-one will ever see, and my zip goes right to the top. The pattern has you enclose the raw edges of the pocket seam in a self bias strip, but my fabric was a little bit too bulky, leaving a weird bump in a very unflattering spot between the pockets. So I very carefully serged around the pocket bags instead, and also finished the side seams on the serger.

I have yet to actually wear this skirt, as the weather has been somewhat rainy, but I hope to get at least one "real" wear in before the end of the month.


  1. I like how bright and cheery it is!

  2. Thanks, it is pretty bold! I see the temperatures rising this week, so it may get an outing...

  3. I'm so impressed with your pledge to make something each week! It is a really inspiring month to be sewing a lot, what with all of the inspiration on flickr and around the blogosphere, and feeling so aware of what's in our self-made wardrobes. I think you picked a great pattern for your gorgeous bright fabric, and hopefully it sees some wear soon!

    1. The one garment each week is going pretty well (nothing too too strenuous to sew, fortunately I like basics!), and there is so much inspiration out there, I could probably keep it up for another four weeks! I'm feeling some skirt wearing soon, I'll be sure to post when it happens!

  4. So lovely and bright! Perfect to welcome in the spring after such a dreary winter! Has it made an appearance yet? I'm also impressed with your pledge to make something new each week! I find myself terribly unmotivated on the sewing front these days, which is really too bad.

  5. I know - thank goodness those grey days seem to be behind us! And I'm thinking maybe this weekend will see some skirt action. Too bad about your sewing blahs - if you're not feeling it, don't stress. I'm sure the urge will strike again!


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