Chloe for Chloe

This week I finished a new dress - Victory Patterns' Chloe! How could I not try this one, since we share a name? The pattern went together without a hitch, and I'm really pleased with the result.
Chloe wears Chloe!
The front
The back - the invisible zipper is working it's magic!
Side view 
The details:
Pattern: Victory Patterns Chloe, size 8. This was my first experience with a pdf pattern, and after some initial computer difficulties, there were no problems. I used my new best friend, the rotary cutter, to trim the edges of the pages, and traced the pieces on regular art tracing paper. 

Fabric: Steely blue linen blend (has just a bit of stretch, and was a dream to sew), contrasting cotton for sleeves and welts.

Adjustments: Minimal! I shortened the bodice by 3/4", and lengthened the skirt 4". By lengthening the skirt so much, I did end up with a fuller back skirt, but I will be able to wear this dress to work without fear of flashing anyone. Oh, and I omitted the lining, since the linen is sturdy enough, especially for summer wear.

If I make up the sleeveless version (wool for winter?), I'll need to raise the underarm a bit. The edge of the sleeve at the underarm is a good height. I'll also try and get rid of the extra back skirt fullness; it's not a big problem, but I may as well try and correct the proportion there.

After doing some running around yesterday in the sun, I'm happy with the fit and comfort. I was a bit worried that it was too plain, but I think it will probably get a lot of wear come the summer.



  1. Gorgeous! I love the color choices.

    I have two Victory patterns waiting for me to put together. That's the only drawback about PDF patterns, putting them together. Takes ages, it seems.

    But I did the Madeline skirt and loved it. I definitely love her patterns. Chloe looks super cute too. Might have to add that one...hmm :)

  2. I know! Putting them together, and then where to put them! I ended up taking it all apart yesterday to fit in an envelope. Modern sewing...


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