Me Made May Week 2

This week was not without it's Me Made challenges - the weather was not fully cooperating, and it seems that many of my sewn clothes are warm weather wear. I did introduce 2 new pieces to my wardrobe, and I'm sticking to my 4 day/week minimum without too much difficulty so far. Here's the roundup:
Same self drafted white blouse, this time with a squint!

New Look 6615, from at least 5 years ago, with the belt from a purchased dress.
Pink Colette Sencha blouse
Victory Patterns Chloe dress, blogged yesterday!
And while I think I'm getting the hang of the self-timer on the camera, I could not manage to arrange these photos in the order I wore them! But, it's not about the photos, it's about the wearing of Me-Made goodness. See you next week!


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