Me Made May Week 3

Hello all!

I suppose Week 4 has already started, but it was a long weekend for me, so I'm definitely not there yet!
Week 3 was a bit uninspired, but it's amazing how doing this has made me think about my wardrobe just that tiny bit differently. More on that in the final roundup.

Only 3 pics this week, since I wore my well documented Chloe dress on Saturday. Here we have the rest:
Green Colette Sencha
Return of the green skinnies!

Self drafted coral stripe t-shirt dress
On Thursday, a sweater, by the weekend, t-shirt dresses - yes, that's the kind of weather week it's been. I just checked the forecast, and it looks like our heatwave is sticking around! Stay tuned for more summer Me-Made-ness!


  1. All of them are nice but I especially like the green skinny jeans you made. Really nice.


    1. Thanks! I wanted to wear them more, but they do take a little outfit planning :)


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