Following up with Iris

My below the waist sewing saga continues! After finishing off the Colette Clovers of this post, I had some fabric left over, and I also had the Iris pattern on hand after a mini-spree of Colette pattern shopping.


With all my previous pants pattern experience fresh in my mind, I decided to try something a bit simpler for these shorts. I cut a size 6, I slashed and spread the pattern horizontally at the hip, and used the size 10 crotch line. Pretty bold, but it kind of worked! They're a touch snug at the hip, but not bad for an afternoon's work. Again, no pockets, this time because basically these are a wearable mock-up, and also they didn't seem to be at the best spot for me. Maybe next time.

Sassy side view
So, next summer, when I attempt these again, I'll scoop the back crotch a bit more. They ride up a bit...

Not quite so lovely from the back
And I did follow my own advice and use a lighter fabric for the waistband facing, and this funny zip with it's own hook at the top instead of a hook & eye. Much more comfortable, but a bit tricky to do up.

One thing I noticed with both these and my Clovers, is that the waistband is quite a bit smaller at the top than the bottom, and my waist doesn't curve in quite so dramatically. So I'll be sure to add about a 1/2" to the top edge of the waistbands in future.

These photos were taken about two weeks ago now, and the weather is starting to turn. No shorts wearing in my immediate future, though the tomatoes have decided to finally ripen!

Summer is not officially over, but I'm moving on to fall sewing. Next up, some fall sewing plans!


  1. They look fab. With a little tweek to the back part you'll have yourself a great go-to pattern!


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