Week 4: Me Made May 2013

Hello again - it's time for a MMM update! It's week four, and I was feeling the pinch - the weather hasn't been as warm as last year (so far!), so the spring dresses have been languishing in the closet. But I did wear something Me-Made every single day this week, though I may not have the photos to prove it.

Scarf & Minoru jacket - blogged here.
This jacket was my first blog post! I do wear it a lot, but sadly the lining is disintegrating. I'd love to make a new version with a few changes, including using a water resistant fabric (honestly, what good is a hood when it's going to let the rain in?)

Paisley Power blouse - blogged here.
I didn't think I'd be wearing this blouse in May, I think of it as a fall/winter item. But it was quite chilly, so out of the closet it came. I really do like this blouse, it's easy to wear, and got a lot of use this winter.

Day 25: I really wasn't feeling the Me-Mades, but I did wear some Me-Made pj's this weekend. I almost never wear them, so it was good to bring them out of hiding.

Stashbusting T-shirt - blogged here.
Good thing I made this t-shirt, since I've worn it 3 or 4 times already - it's pretty much the only yard-work appropriate Me Made I've got!
Day 27: Same as Day 5 and 16. I think you get the idea. I'm running out of steam here!
Day 28: I reworked the blouse from Day 13, and it's sure to get more wear now. But apparently no photos.
Day 29: The stashbusting t-shirt made it to work - it was a lifting boxes and climbing ladders kind of day.
But not to worry, the final two days are upon us, and I'm even wearing something new today! Tune in on the weekend for my wrap-up post.
We're almost there!


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