Week Two: Me Made May 2013

Week 2! We're pretty much at the half-way mark now. Here's what I was wearing this past week.

Self-drafted Party in the Back top: same as last week.
 Clover capris: blogged here.
Worn: To work - it was a desk day.
I was really happy with this outfit, not so happy with the wrinkly photos, but that's ok. Two me-mades at the same time!

Bright Green Jeans: self-drafted, unblogged.
Necklace: Me-made a couple of summers ago. Love it still.
Worn: To work, and drinks after. I did have shoes on.

Scarf: I'm counting this as Me-Made, the hand rolled hem took almost 4 hours. It's the fabric I picked up at the Toronto Sewing Blog Meet-up, I couldn't bring myself to chop it up, it's so gorgeous.
Worn: Errands & grocery shopping.

Blouse: Self-drafted, unblogged. It hasn't come out of the closet since last May!
Worn: To the garden centre.

Sweatshirt & matching hot-water bottle cover: h/w bottle cover blogged here.
Worn: Lounging around the house - it was COLD! Yes, I did have pants on. But I was still cold.

Blouse: Vogue 1170. As you can tell from my expression, not a favourite.

Which brings me to my mini-goal for this week: fixing up a few items that just weren't quite right. As soon as I got home on Monday, I took this blouse apart, removing and re-cutting the front, but salvaging the back. It looks OK in the photo, but I could barely lift my arms without the sleeves cutting in to me, and the loose cut means that I'm always worried about my bra peeking through the keyhole - this blouse will just not sit in place! I cut a size smaller than suggested, but still could have taken in 4". And the bias centre front seam was just not flattering. I'm almost done this refashion, and hope to wear the "new" blouse again by the end of the month. I love the print, and want to salvage it!

Happy sewing - bring on Week 3!


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